Little Lobster Lies

Frequent readers of this blog may remember the post in May that detailed my experience of buying a turkey breast at a supermarket.

The labelling listed a host of ingredients, except one….Turkey.

It seems that my experience is not isolated.

In today’s NY Times, world famous Upper West Side deli Zabar’s has been called to task for selling a lobster salad that doesn’t have any lobster in it.

It uses wild fresh water crayfish.

Or it did, anyway.    Lobster salad is no longer on the menu.

Zabar’s changed the name to “Seafare Salad”, after word of the lobster-less lobster salad spread to the Maine Lobster Council, who launched a public complaint.

Zabar’s justification?  Crayfish are related to lobster, meaning that their in the lobster family.

(Zabar’s also stated that if they were to use actual Maine lobster, the sandwich would cost more than the current price of $16.95/lb.)

Now, more than ever, we live in an age where information is cheap and easy to get…and to share.

Integrity and transparency are that much more important in running your business.

People will find out.    And they talk.

Is everything that you call “Lobster Salad” made with genuine lobster?

When’s the last time you checked?

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