Convert Compliance Into Commitment Through Fun




Either (or both) can seem like big and heavy concepts.

Serious business.

We want committed people.

What if commitment was approached with some levity?

For example, what if you got people to laugh?  Laughter increases learning.   It improves alertness, creativity, and memory.

When people laugh, they’re more receptive to change.

I was recently at a conference where the CEO of a health-care company got up to speak.  His topic:  the need for the company to adopt new technology.

Rather than just say “This is what  you must do”, he had a bunch of props on stage with him.

A rotary dial phone.

An eight-track player.

A Commodore 64.

He used his “antique” props for comic effect.  He got the whole crowd laughing about what life would be like if we were still using these tools at work.

This past week, my daughter, Miranda had strep throat.  Her treatment regimen includes taking antibiotics (in liquid form) twice a day.

She’s not a big fan.

Her older brother intuitively gets this idea of making things better through play.

Alexander said, “Tickle her belly!   Then she’ll open her mouth and she’ll take the medicine!”

It worked.

Commitment doesn’t have to be tedious effort.

Where could you add some fun to convert compliance into commitment?

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