confederation bridge



It’s a word that gets used a lot in business.

At its heart, it’s about staying the course.

Following through.

Doing what you say you’ll do.

Even when it’s hard.

Once you cross the bridge of commitment, going back is not an option.

Imagine this scenario:

You’ve had a terrific career as a professional basketball player.

You’ve worked as the the head coach of multiple NBA teams.   In your most recent coaching job, you earned $3 Million a year.

Management decided to let you go, and they’re still paying you another $3 Million this year.

The NBA goes on strike.  On a visit to your former High School, the current Athletic Director offers you a job:

Coach the boy’s freshman basketball team.

His salary offer:  Work for Free.

You accept.

You work with the boys through pre-season.

Two games into the High School season,  you get a call.  (The NBA lockout has ended.)  A future Hall of Fame coach offers you an assistant coaching job with his world-championship winning team.   Report to training camp immediately.

What would you do?

If you’re Eddie Jordan, you honor your commitment.   You stay with the boys for the rest of the season.

Which is exactly what he did.

As reported in the NY Times, Jordan said,

“I didn’t want these kids to say, ‘Hey, he duped us.  If I’m talking to them about the importance of commitment, I have to show it myself.”

Jordan gets it.  He knows that the job #1 of a leader is to Model the Way.

If you want commitment, show commitment.

How can Jordan’s story help you to strengthen your own commitments?


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