Top 3 Ways to Drift-Start Your Day


With most people, the bark of thought is allowed to drift upon the ocean of life.

                         –James Allen, As a Man Thinketh

Drifting upon the ocean of life.

It sounds relaxing.  Peaceful.  It sounds great!  For a vacation, or a day off.

But is “drifting” the best way to effectively accomplish your goals?

You may not realize that you’re drifting into your day.  But here are some tell tale signs to know if you are:

1.  Start each day by checking your email.

Your inbox is an exquisite filing system:  for other people’s agendas.  Each message patiently sits in that box, waiting and hoping you’ll come call soon.

In return for the nugget of wisdom contained in each email, you get to offer up your time, attention, and energy.

So check your inbox first.  You’ll be amazed at how easily you’ll lose all track of time in the hyper-focus of responding to other’s requests.

It’s a little bit like the mental state of Flow,  but instead of being energized with enjoyment in the activities, you get to give your body a bath of adrenaline, cortisol and norepinephrine, the three major stress hormones.

Oh well, a small price to pay for getting so busy that you lose track of time.

2.  Keep all of your auto-notifications on.

Isn’t it wonderful to know how wanted you are?

Email, phone, text, IM…so many ways to feel wanted.

With technology, you can feel other’s desires at a moment’s notice.  You get extra bonus points (somewhere) for responding immediately, if not sooner, to their requests.

Whatever you were doing before that ping or that ring, well, you can always get back to it later.

3.  Work on multiple important projects at once.  

Who only has one important thing going on in their lives these days?  There’s so much to do, so you might as well get cracking on all of it.

Keep everything right in front of you; that way, you have a visual reminder of those things.  It’s like having a bowl of fruit on the counter:  you’re more likely to pick up a piece if you can see it.

So–as you start each day, notice if Drift-Starting is the choice you that serves you best.   

What other signs tell you that you’re “Drift-Starting”?

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