A Leader’s First Job To Do

To Do List


Miranda, my daughter, turned 7 last week.

This photo is the To Do List she created for last night:

Ballet (she had dance class)


Kellers (that is, go over to our neighbors the Keller’s house for a while.)

Miranda likes to make To Do lists.  As you can can see, she’s a big fan of the whiteboard.

Where in the world would a 7 year old come up with a To Do list?

From Mom.

Miranda’s Mom Mary loves lists.  She a list-o-phile.  She has different lists for different projects, and if she gets an extra moment now and then, you may catch her updating, revising, or combining lists.

Mary swears by the lists as an organizing tool.  (And, given her general high level of productivity, I’d have to say that the lists work for her.)

Mary has never sat down with Miranda and explained what a To Do list is, or what it’s for.

Miranda’s learned this through watching and imitation.  Mary’s leading by example.

Seeing my daughter’s whiteboard was a wake–up call to me:

What am I modeling that my kids are picking up on?

As a leader, you’re being watched all the time.  What’s the message you’re sending?

Is it the action you want your followers to do?

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