What Kind of Circus Are You In?

one ring circus

What can leaders learn from the circus?

Circus is a directed experience.  There is intention behind every moment the audience witnesses.

Leaders need to direct and be intentional with their experiences as well.

The circus came to town last week.

It was a travelling one ring circus, performed under a giant tent.

The seats were general admission, and, given that we got there early, we sat in the front row, excited for the show (and our good fortune at getting these fine seats!)

The seats were great.

The direction was not.

The show had been directed as though it was being performed in a proscenium theater.  Here’s a visual of what that staging looks like:



Our seats were on the “side” of their staging.  The tricks and moves didn’t have the same impact as they would have had we been seated in “front”.

I watched my kids; they started to squirm, and get a little bored.

Bored & Circus:  those two words should never go together.

If you’re performing in the round, design for the round.

What can leaders pull from this?

Know your audience.

Know where they’re from.

Know their perspective.

Know what kind of leadership will create the desired impact.

If you have to deliver a message to multiple audiences, how do you customize and tailor that message so it has the most relevance and impact to each person or group you speak to?

The details matter.

What kind of circus are you in?

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